What’s The Point?

I lived in The Netherlands for ten years working as a professional artist. While there I became fluent in Dutch, learned a lot of German, and experienced a wide range of ‘alternative’ healing methods and ‘spiritual’ practices:
– Reflexology, Touch for Health or Applied Kinesiology, yoga, T’ai Chi, Rolfing, Cranial/Sacral Osteopathy
– teachings of Krishnamurti, Yoga Philosophy and Oriental Occultism, Sufiism, Osho/Bagwan Rajneesh, Mother Ama, Sai Baba, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
– Transcendental Meditation, Ayurveda, Buddhist meditation and philosophy, Tantra
– Reiki, Philippine Faith Healers, Maori and Native American shamanic practices
– Homeopathy, Bach Flower remedies, pendulum dowsing, crystal therapy, labyrinth walking
– Energy, Sound, Chakra and Aura Healing; Emotional Clearing, Electromagnetic therapy
– Exorcists, channelers, spiritual healers and psychics
– Chinese Horoscopes, Enneagrams, various forms of Tarot-like card reading

Since returning to America, I learned about:
– Continuum Movement, Somatic Experiencing, Emotional Freedom Technique,
– completed training in Applied Kinesiology and
– became certified and licensed in Foot Reflexology which included the study of anatomy, physiology and recent research in neuroscience and neurology.

I want to share some of the insights that all this inquiry and practice yielded as they relate to health and wellness; what practices really worked for me and others and why I think they do. That’s the point of this site.
The first posts are all about Reflexology, more posts to follow soon on other subjects.