Why I Chose to Learn Reflexology

The first time I had a foot reflexology session, I had never felt more deeply relaxed when it was finished. A chronic pain in my neck disappeared.

I was able to observe what happened to others over a six-months period who were receiving weekly sessions for a wide variety of issues. Some were seriously ill and had been given up on by their doctors; some had nagging ailments, chronic pain and fatigue; some were overweight or dissatisfied with their health, relationships, jobs and lives.

After about six months, many who had been seriously ill had returned to a state of health and well-being that enabled them to enjoy an improved quality of life.

One man’s feet had been so painful that walking was difficult and the therapist was scarcely able to touch them in the first session. Sensitivity¬† decreased with each visit and he was able to walk normally. His overall state of health had also improved and he had more vitality.

I was surprised to see a husband and wife who had both been generally unhappy, lethargic and heading for divorce, burst exuberantly into the office looking trim and five years younger; the stress lines, paleness and sadness gone from their faces, heading off to vacation together.

I was deeply impressed by the overall beneficial effects that Foot Reflexology yielded for people from all walks of life and determined then that I would like to provide a service like that – one that positively affected physical and mental health in the context of an enjoyable experience.

In 2010, legislators separated Reflexology from massage therapy licensing. I  became certified in the Ingham Method after completing training with the International Institute of Reflexology, was then certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board and obtained a license to practice in the State of New Hampshire.

During the learning process and since being licensed, I have performed well over 750 hours of Foot Reflexology. I continue to investigate other teachings and expand my understanding of the body, the mind, and the relationships of elements that exist in how we function as individuals and as human beings.
My confidence in the effectiveness of Foot Reflexology not only for problems with the feet but as a curative, preventative and maintenance method for better health has grown over time after experiencing consistently beneficial results with the people who have come for sessions.